Ashley T. van Lee

RoyalEntrprnr/HomeImprvmt/SubContr/Landscpr/Truckr, Studnt/Model/Wrtr/Poet/Inventr/Retailr/PwrWshr/Mfr, and PrfrminArtist/Paralgl/Artist/Actrss/Mgr/Comedian

Encore une fois.ehmm...Mesdames,messieurs,Ashley T. van Lee also known as:Anna lily-ashley Jane,Ashley T. Lee, AJ, Ashley(Jane) T. van Lee,Ashley,Twee-ty,&my real given name given to me from my real biological mother and my real biological father is:ANNA, est de retour!Encore une fois.Encore une fois! This profile needs to be about, about, about, about me full all green on my professional background vocal,slide gliding visionary entrepreneur, manager,poet,aspiring actress, entertainer on the next line..I get by on a gig call tradeshow model, costume person, bartender, hostess, waitress, a hoy mates, made for each other flashback chit that, read up..wise up, linkedin to my profile curtain..looking for a way to know me but u just gotta profile feels right, it's a 'fasttrack' profile looks right 'cuz it's a visionary 'proven record track'.I guarrantee you'll know about me...because you changed the way you K.I.S.S. changed the way you K.I.S.S. me...Put you arms up for Ashley (Jane) T. van Lee...put your arms up for Ashley (Jane) T. van on me, call on me, call on me...drop the your mouse...look me up on the net...I guarrantee you'll know about and you and the world,we got to bing, yahoo,google search tonight.if you want to reach've got to move faster, louder, stronger,better...make note:It is by the 'United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child' & by the 'Declaration of the Rights of the Child' administered on 20,november 1989 & coming into force in Sept.2, 1990 that a child has the right from birth to a name and the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child is bounded by international Law.Compliance to such law is monitored by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child which is composed of members from countries around the world. with this said:It is of the utmost profound knowledge and statement that I have the right to my real birth name & to know my real birth name, my true given name & personal name & surname that my real biological parents have given me since my birth inception, which I investigated&found&found out is ANNA,all other else pseudonyms,alias,stage names, hypocorism, nicknames were deliberately bestowed on me for dynastic,religious,political motives both for the groups' own self-interest which is to hide my true birth/givenName:sea my jaz7-livejournal for rest of detail:DOB:1/1/02