Ashley Vargas

Tampa, Florida

I always loved helping my parents and my sister in the kitchen, weather it was mixing the bowl of cookie dough with my sister or watching the beans boil on the stove top. My family would call my their little guinea pig because I would always volunteer myself to taste their new creations that my family would come up with.

Food was one of those things that really brought my family together at the end of the day. My mother would sometimes let me set the table and bring the meals to the table before everyone got to there and I would love being assigned to do this, I would make sure everything had its own place and would do fance things with the napkins and silver wear. Once the dishs where placed I would stand back and just observe all the colorful dishes and just enjoy looking at them.

Taking photographs became an obsession of mine once I got into high school and took my first film photography class. I started out with an interest in fine art photography, and consumed myself in the traditional film developing and the whole art of that, which in all honesty will always hold a special place with me.

At that point is when I decided I wanted to be a photographer of some kind. Also when all could think of was photography and when was going to be able to take my next picture. Up until my second year of college I considered myself a fine art photographer, but after taking my food photography class is when it really clicked. That there is an art in photographing food and I had never thought of combining my two most favorite things. So now I get to indulge in my most favorite things in life.

  • Education
    • Art Institute of Tampa