Ashley Weiner

Hi, my name is Ashley Weiner and I'm in 7th grade. In IB Prep, we do many projects in the STEM Lab. For example, one project we did was a movie competition. The assignment was to come up with away that we can save the world through engineering and science, and come up with a movie to present our idea. Another short film we have been working on lately is called The Great American No Bull Challenge. What the No Bull Challenge is, is that we are working in groups to create a movie about cyber-bullying, and why it should stop.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, therefore we do challanges realted to those topics. In the beginning of the year, we did a lesson we called Baseball Bungee. We learned how to graph linear functions through a baseball and rubber bands.

One of my favorite and most challenging projects was the Rube Golderburg Machine. The objective was to create a machine that had at least 3 simple machines and hit a ping pong on a perch 5 feet away. My machine included an inclined plane, screw, wheel & axel, and wedge. We had 2 attempts to knock the ball off its stand. On my first attempt, I missed the ball by less than a cenimeter! On my second attempt, I missed the ping pong by about 1/2 an inch.

I am ecstatic to have this class at Beechwood! I can't wait to find out the other projects in store for the year.