Ashley Rae

Ashley Rae is a creative professional that has a focus on marketing and public relation work based in the entertainment industry. She is currently studying at McNally Smith College of Music and working towards a Bachelors degree in Music Business with an emphasis on Marketing and Public Relations. She is currently working with Workhorse Entertainment (Nashville, TN) helping to develop the business, Born Into Royalty (Golden Valley, MN) and is doing database work, and the bands based out of Minneapols Mazarati and The Pinsch doing their marketing and promotions. She also spends her time working for her church, Overcomer's Victory Center, doing marketing, promotions, and coordinating all the fundraising events.

Ashley Rae grew up in the small town of Red Wing, Minnesota and has had a passion for music all her life but never thought she could turn it into a career until she started working with many local punk-rock bands. When Ashley Rae started college at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls she started working with For All Those Sleeping who is now signed to Fearless Records in LA. She found herself connecting with a lot of other bands and then began working with These Hearts now signed to Victory Records in Chicago, and the indie band The Suit. Ashley Rae went the farthest with The Suit and was their tour manager for a Midwest tour and traveled with them to LA where they won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contest.

In the future Ashley Rae plans on opening her own marketing company with the goal to connect and affiliate herself with as many professionals in the industry. She also wants to keep her connection with Workhorse Entertainment and gain more bands to work for with doing their marketing and promotions.