Ashlyee Hickman

Los Angeles, California, United States

Hi, my name is currently Ashlyee Hickman (it will be Ashlyee Freeman in March). I harness the power of storytelling in every facet of my life. My entrepreneurial and innovative disposition enables me to navigate between the analytical and creative demands of business with grace. As founder and CEO of MyEveryzine, I work with an amazing team to provide educational support for high school students in Southern California and around the world.

I am a highly goal-oriented, experiential learner who has used her professional career to build a successful business: Pepperdine strengthened my management skills; Sony tripled MyEveryzine's audience; Google quadrupled MyEveryzine's revenue; PIMCO gave me quantitative context that will help me engage in my MBA courses so that I can take MyEveryzine to the next level.

Lately, I've been practicing mindfulness; I’ve learned that in every conversation, decision and job opportunity we have a choice to connect to, or disconnect from, our purpose. Mindfulness is the act of remaining intentional so that we can actually notice those opportunities to choose. Since this amazing introduction— thanks to a "Search Inside Yourself" class at Google— I have focused on purpose-driven time allocation.

On a fun note: I plan my Sundays around church and Dallas Cowboys games, I smile a lot, and I am a certified Starbucks gold member until March 2017. In my free time, you can find me making DIY projects for my wedding (like these awesome groomsmen cards) or catching up on Shondaland television shows.

  • Work
    • MyEveryzine
  • Education
    • Pepperdine University