Ashlyn Webb

Student in Athens, Georgia

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My name is Ashlyn, and I am an art enthusiast. Since becoming interested in art, I have found myself within the pieces I create, from the most simple form of a blank canvas to a completed piece.

This idea began last year when my IB Art instructor assigned us to create a piece that defines who we are. I stared at a clean canvas—a blank surface that withholds endless possibilities. I reached an epiphany while staring at the blank canvas. Everyone of us starts as a blank surface but are made up by form, value, color, whatever defines us---whatever defines a piece.

Much like a canvas, I have shape and form, not two-dimensional thankfully, but three. Standing 5’5 and a half (yes, the half inch counts), with a diamond shaped face, round eyes, and an hourglass figure.

Much like a canvas, I have value. Of course I’m not of materialistic value such as a canvas but societal value. I contribute to society as a student, a friend, a citizen, a community worker, a daughter, and a sister.

Much like a completed piece, I have color. Blue eyes and ash brown hair like my father. Pale skin and blush cheeks like my mother.

Much like a completed piece, I have culture. I grew up where sweet tea, grits, and cornbread are staples. Southern hospitality is a given. Sir, ma'am, and ya'll are commonly heard in casual, day-to-day conversation.

I’m the artist and the canvas. I am an artist that works on a canvas, but I am also the canvas being worked on by The Artist. I have endless possibilities. I have a future. I am the artist that was made by the Great Artist. He created the path. I just have to follow it.