Ashok Girglani

Interested in selling Branded Designer Baby Wear from U.S.A. called "Gymboree" "Off Season Collections Only", therefore, they are very inexpensive - Commission on this is 10%

Also, interested in selling Fabulous African Art Pieces, Paintings on Canvas & Tree Bark, and many more - Commission on this is 15%

Also other Branded Garments at unimagineably low prices, with 10% commision, if you get me buyers, both in U.A.E. and abroad.

Consultation in Business, Industry, Finance on private basis, and not as a professional, on one to one basis.

Getting funding on tangible assets, and sharing innovative ideas on International Business.

Interested in Roller Blading, Marathon Walks, Mountain Climbing, Writing Quotes, Travelling to exotic countries and resorts, and exchanging general and innovative ideas on business.