Ashok Gulati

Modi Govt. Policies is a free source to access Indian Govt. Policies / Services, Connecting People, Govt and Politicians, Sharing Progress and Current Thinking.Modi Govt. Policies has been founded by Ashok Gulati, Visionary Entrepreneur and Business Consultant, with a passion to enhance the civic process by combining technology and innovation, connect People and Government and empowering citizens and elected officials to communicate and collaborate with one another.Motivated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s call for a smarter, leaner government, inspired by innovative models of collaboration in the private sector and taking Govt. services to the next level, we have made an effort to simplify the process of finding and accessing updated information about Indian Govt. Policies / Services for assisting Businesses in India and Across the Globe that will help them grow in India and export to foreign markets, particularly, for small businesses and exporters who have a fundamental problem navigating the resources, difficult to locate information about government assistance programs or find complete and correct business information.Modi Govt. Policies team is constantly trying to build new features and tools for Entrepreneurs and Businesses with the purpose of cutting red tape, increasing efficiency, and supporting Businesses.Modi Govt. Policies, however, is not intended to be a grievance redressal site but is only an effort for Connecting People, Govt and Politicians, Sharing Progress and Current Thinking and inviting meaningful suggestions / comments regarding various policy decisions taken by Govt. of India. Member Companies RE News India Business with India RE Jobs India India and Indians Modi Govt. Policies