Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma

Born in a hamlet town Dayalbagh of Agra district,the place of beautiful Taj Mahal, in India. After graduation worked in India for about five years. I have lived in US for over eight years with Permanent Residen status. Acquired M.S. Degree from Middle Tennessee State University, M’Boro, Tennessee, U.S.A. Got M.C.T.S and M.C.P.D Certificates(yr 2011) from Microsoft Corporation.Finally willing to settle in U.S for the betterment of kids.


Recently Written a unique book on Systems Development, seamlessly incorporating spirituality in every chapter. Want to publish it abroad for wide publicity.

Book Proposal contact:

May 1982-July 1987: Worked as Analyst/Manager in Pathway Press, a leading publishing house of U.S.A. Worked on UNISYS mainframe systems having DMS II database with COBOL interface.

Dec 1987-Dec1993: Worked as Expert Consultant with CEDM(Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Management), New Delhi. Responsibilities include coordinating, guiding, and training Software Engineers.Used Oracle 7.1, Paradox 4.5, and C/Cobol.

Jan.1994-Dec.1994 : Worked as Manager(Systems) with CFJV(Continental Foundation-Joint Venture, a collaboration with Foundation Company of Canada), 28 Nehru Place, New Delhi. Used SQL, Paradox 4.5, Visual Basic, Foxpro, and Lantastic Network.

Jan.1995-Till now : Working as Projects and Program Coordinator in I.T division of SGRR Education Mission at Dehradun, India. Also I am Consultant to Computer applications apprentices in SGRR for Software Development activities throughout SWDLC, for their projects in Object Oriented and .Net Technologies(C# & VB.Net) undertaken in Indian and Multi National Companies.

Used Business Modelling techniques. Databases used SQL server, OLEDB ,ODBC, ADO .NET technologies. Areas of interest is Requirements Analysis, Workflow Analysis.

Personal Traits:Sincerety, Hardwork, Drive, Can take multiple assignments & recommend process changes.