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Ashok Banerjee

Ashok Art International is now a ownership company.

It will turned in future a Widely Held Public Limited Company. Shares will distributed among the members and to the investors.

We will produced and distribute feature films in our own banner.

Subject:Film MakingAd Film MakingShort Fillm(Which wiil be release across the town in small theatre)Publicity Hording

Within the mother company we will form two subsidy compsny in the name of " Indrsprova" which will produced agriculture and life feed stock such poultry, goatery and many things which has been sanction by Nabard( An Interprize promote by Govt. Of India)

As per the Indian Govt. Rule agriculture sector is 100% tax free.

To make the solid and sound in Financial field we will invest in capital market in blue chips and mid stock shares( As per then rule of Ministry of Finance investment above one year iand divident income from the company is 100% tax free)