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Ashok Dey

_____ღ♥Kind_____ღ♥____ღ♥awesome_ღ♥ ___ღ♥big____heart____of_________ goldღ♥ __ღ♥nice_______honest_______kindheartedღ♥ _ღ♥funny___________**_________laughingღ♥ _ღ♥cool____________V_________best friendღ♥ _ღ♥trustworthy __________________funny. ღ♥ __ღ♥sweet___ _____ ____________specialღ♥ ___ღ♥talented_______________amazingღ♥ ____ღ♥inspiring______________happyღ♥ ______ღ♥caring________gud lookingღ♥ ________ღ♥unique_______loveerღ♥ __________ღ♥best____ crazyღ♥ _____________ღ♥_friendly ღ♥ _______________ღ♥__ ღ♥ _________________ღ Why so serious ?? Don't worry, I'm none of the above. But.... 乂⍲‿⍲乂✌ I'm thankful to God for giving all the the best things I deserve, the super best family, friends and love.