Ashok Sheridan

I think one of the most important things in life is to be nice to your parents for the time you have them.

I remember in kindergarten when I would always build lego spaceships during free time.

The teachers I liked the most were the ones that liked me as a person and helped me no matter what the situation.

I remember hanging out with my friend Ramon who had dreadlocks at the time, and we would always talk to each other during recess instead of playing.

I was never bullied and I always respected people for who they were.

The members of my family are just my parents and me. My mom always set up suprise playdates for me and gave me snacks when she picked me up from school. She was always nice and loving. My dad was also loving but I tended to ask him more questions and we shared more common interests.

My mom's "words of wisdom" were to complete what you start no matter what the difficulty. This is important because it teaches you to grab the opportunities while you have them.

I am someone who has an extremely hard time letting go of things I hold closely like my friends, family, and pets.

In my life I have learned to be thankful to my parents and also to be thankful for how lucky I am in life.

There is nothing I would like to change about my personality because that would be changing who I am and I already like who I am.

I have learned to accept the changes in my life and to grab the new opportunities that open up as my life changes.

I think that the important things in life are not the details but the overall picture. Not where you were but where you are going.

My goals are to grab the new opportunities and try hard to do well.

I plan on diving into game design and light and laser physics during and after High School.

I plan to obtain these goals by trying hard in science and by making a few of my own miniature games.