Ashok Periyaswamy

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Born on 5th April 1984, I am the only kid to my parents.

Schooling at Baldwinds.

Bachelors at First Grade College at Kolar Gold Fields.
Masters at Christ College, Bangalore.

Work: Got recruited by Trivium India Private Ltd at January 07 2007 as a software engineer, started my career in this startup, mainly worked on their SonicView Call recording, was the core member of the team of initial 4 and at the end it was a 10 member team.

Started on Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Grails and Java, since it was a small team, was contributing on all layers.

Then after wroking for 3 years, I have joined a total different environment Mindtree, here just continued what I did good at Trivium Adobe Flex and Java, but it just got bored and quit and joined Symphony Teleca to work for Arcot Systems (got acquired by CA), wroked on Card based fraud detection product, was part of the inital core team of 4, had immense oppurtunity to research on how ATM and POS terminals work and how the transactions ISO8583 work. I have developed a product to process NPCI's offline ISO8583 transactions, which was processing 210 - 215 transacion per second, it was completely written in JAVA, with recovery, monitoring and TPS graph, 14 months here was so fast and challenging, and learnt a lot on financial security, here I got to work on a team of 3 member from research to development phase, the product is called CA's FRM(Fraud Risk Management). Here I got to learn Spring, iBatis., since we were working on a 3.0 version, had a chance to work on migration scripts for existing system both Oracle and MSSQL, with no down time for cloud services, it was interesting.

After this joined Yantra Services, it was a challenging 3 months, learnt a lot, got a chance to talk to people who invest. It was really an interesting break for me, had a fortune of good to meet people of what I wanted to be in my career.


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