Ashok Raju

Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, and Musician in San Francisco, California

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Based out of San Francisco / Detroit.

## Daydream
Eng Lead and Manager at Flixed - a human first company building profitable software products. Our first product being Flixed, an affiliate business that currently generates thousands of customers for companies like Hulu and Sling through our content, resources, and tools for navigating the streaming landscape.

## Flow State Podcast
Host and creator of Flow State: a podcast designed to help you focus. The podcast combines minimal electronic music for focus and the Pomodoro technique for sustained effort.

## Music
I also spend a lot of time on music, DJing in San Francisco, Burning Man as part of DeMentha and mostly virtually now. You can find my music on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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## Doji
A new, modern way to play the stock market. As a technical co-founder, I helped build v1 - from backend (node, typescript) to client (React, iOS). While I've decided to move on to focus on other things, the team is doing very well, growing and building the future of stock market trading.

## Social Capital
At Social Capital helped build Capital as a Service, which automated and scaled the process of investing in startups globally.

## Dropbox
At Dropbox, I lead the development of Dropbox Paper's Android application.

## Umano
Lead Android development at Umano as one of the founding engineer. Umano was later acquired by Dropbox in 2015.

## Google
I began my career at Pushlife, a Canadian music commerce startup, which was later acquired by Google. At Google, I worked on Google Photos.

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Other things I love to do: snowboarding, traveling and many forms of meditation (art of true light, isha yoga, wim hof breathing).

  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • University of Waterloo