Ashok vardhan

I am Ashok vardhan, web designer based in Bangalore, India. I specialize in web-based projects . My strengths are in good all-round technical knowledge, creative design and web standards. I've taken on a number of freelance projects over the last few years, and have worked closely with clients to get the best results. I'm a straight talker and clients appreciate that they can talk with me in a friendly, non-jargon way. You will notice my websites are not flashy, without fancy animations and technology that makes them slow to load and gizmos and gadgets that are more of an irritancy to website visitors than a help. It is the "information highway". People want to get to the "information" they are after as quickly and easily as possible. Most of all, my websites are search engine friendly and are developed to rank well in the search engines, so your website should get traffic and you will get the subsequent enquiries and leads.