Ashok Vishwakarma

New Delhi, India

A web architect and artist, well versed in a number of digital and classical tools. My work has been presented via a variety of media, including internet and web. I have a meticulous attention to detail, a bottomless capacity to learn, and a love for creating engaging experiences.

An obsessed Multimedia Freak, Extrovert, party type guy. I love to travel and see new places with my digital eyes to capture the beauty of nature. I haven't take things too seriously till date and have quite a sense of humor which at times could be suggestive, sarcastic or even cynical (Actually, it is suggestive, sarcastic and cynical most of the times). I do get my random mood swings. I have a plan for myself and my future, but usually I’m unsure of what I’ll do today. Apart from my impulsive and/or compulsive behavior, I consider myself a pretty normal human being.