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AngelaDawn Shores

Alford, Florida

No matter how bad things are in life,there is always something good you can thank God 4. I love my kids unconditionally always and forever.They are my life and I am always thankful I had them :) Thank you God *I lOvE yOu DaKoTa, DrAkE, & DeMi !!!! I am a kind girly backwoods country girl. I love my kids very much, I love the outdoors and fishing but I can't take a fish off the hook...silly, huh?. I really hate to bait my on line but i will..worm guts YUCKY! I love a chevy truck , christian rock n roll. I love my kids I might have already said that, I love their smile and I love their hugs, my family and God.I love the races, baseball games and foootball especially if my kids are playing...GO BILLS! I can be really silly at times but their is a time for serious time. Good advice that I have learned be quick to forgive as Christ has forgiven you, Laugh Often, Live simple, and Love always

  • Work
    • McDonald's
  • Education
    • Cottondale High School