Ash Patel

Experienced product developer, executive, and venture capitalist Ash Patel has operated in the technology industry for the past 25 years. After receiving his degree in computer science from King's College of the University of London, Ash Patel further honed his skills working for such companies as the Oracle Corporation, Team 1 Systems, Inc., and the Legent Corporation.

In 1996, Ash Patel was offered a job with Yahoo!, Inc., as an engineer and developer. He began working for Yahoo! immediately after the company's IPO and subsequently helped establish it as one of the leading Internet companies. In his early years, Mr. Patel worked to develop the MyYahoo! and Yahoo! Messenger applications. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Platform Engineering, in which capacity he was responsible for the company's community products such as Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, and Group, as well as supporting Yahoo!'s core infrastructure. Ash Patel quickly advanced within the company, accepting promotions to such positions as Chief Product Officer, Executive Vice President of the Platform and Infrastructure Division, and Executive Vice President of the Audience Products Division. His final role with the company was as Chief Technology Evangelist. After 14 years as a leader with Yahoo!, Mr. Patel left to pursue other opportunities.

Having worked for Yahoo! during the company's early stages, Mr. Patel has developed a keen eye for successful business opportunities. He has served as an angel investor to budding web-based companies such as Vurve, OtherInbox, Inc., Zencoder, Inc., and Chirply. He co-founded Morado Venture Partners, a firm that supports innovative ideas in the consumer Internet sector, specifically those related to cloud infrastructure, mobile and app infrastructure, marketplaces, and social applications. Ash Patel also serves on the Board of Advisors at Permuto, Inc., a company that provides acquisition channels for e-commerce merchants. See for more information about Mr. Patel.