Ash Pba

Brunei Darussalam

Hello I'm Ash, female, 16. Born on Monday 5th August 1996.

I favor spending my time coding, building and managing websites. I spend on the computer 10 days a week (hypothetically..) I'm a novice coder and I professionalize in e-speak. I can currently code HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP.

I am currently running a project called "Retro Source" it's a resource website. I'm solely running this project but at the same time: is looking for people to work with me.

My next project would be a website which is planning to be called "BruSite" where I offer people to make Bruneians their own websites for free and they way they want it to look like. Currently, I am also trying to code my own CMS for personal and non-profit use. If I succeed, I could use it on BruSite and for other people.

I love school more than my life. Once I get accepted into a technical school I'm going to, hopefully by June/July 2013.. I'll be taking an IT course in hopes that I can learn programming, web developing, etc -- in the future and maybe even take something related to Computing as a Degree course once I reach that level. :-)

I'm socially awkward and I'm obsessed with a country. I love cats and the color blue.


This will be my portfolio webpage:

  • Education
    • Katok Sixth Form Centre
    • Raja Isteri Girls High School
    • Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College