Graduated with a Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication at the Paris Superior Institute of Communication. I also obtained a Masters in International Relations at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris.

Currently, I am working as Marketing Executive for a Business Intelligence firm in Paris. My professional career has always been in parallel with my studies, so I have worked throughout my academic learning in many areas in the field on corporate communication and international studies. I have done several internships at: a worldwide technology company (Samsung), the moroccan official press agency (MAP) and a prestigious french newspaper (Le Monde). I quickly adapted to the corporate environment and built my social media, marketing skills, customer service, and corporate communication for different institutions.

My passion, from a young age, has always been sports, and more specifically football, tennis and running. I am a passionate fan of Real Madrid, and I enjoy supporting my team whenever it is possible. An assiduous runner, I also plan to run my first marathon very soon.

Being a « very » curious person, I have different other field of interest such as politics, photography, watchmaking and the study of the Universe. I am a passionate collector of watches, vintage Real Madrid shirts and started lately a collection of Jean-Jacques Sempé drawings.

In my spare time, I like visiting the world and discover new cultures thats will allow me to satisfy my curiosity and learn more about myself. One of my my lifetime projects is to achieve my dream of making a WorldTour trip that will allow me to visit different countries in different regions of the world.