Ashraf Allie

Cape Town - South Africa

Ashraf Allie

Cape Town - South Africa

Ashraf Allie is currently a Director and CEO ofCape Winds, an Outsourcing Specialist Company, with Facilities and Project Management one of its key focus areas. Cape Winds has a number of agency agreements in place with reputable companies that fulfils both their and Cape Winds triple PPP (People, Profit and Planet) objectives. Ashraf is the Chairperson of the Athlone and Cape Flats Cape Chamber as well as the Chairperson of Hanover Park Cricket Club.

One of his projects is Consulting for a 116 year old cricket club called Jive St Augustine Cricket Club.

His career objectives is to continue to fulfill the dual role of a dynamic SME mentor in business fundamentals, principles and serial entrepreneurship not forgetting the soft issues such as caring for fellow human beings and assisting any organisation with their intended mandates and objectives in whatever capacity he might derive real benefit for them.

His philosophy;

Treat Others As You Would Want Others To Treat You.

Ashraf has travelled broadly both Locally and Internationally (Africa, Gulf and Europe) and is experienced in the business environment and is a respected business associate amongst his colleagues and associates across a number of business sectors and industries.

Using his experience and the challenges he faces on his journey on a daily basis Ashraf has recently embarked on doing motivational talks for organizations that requires to motivate their Management and Staff titled "Taking Ownership" of your life whether it be business, social or private.

As his stated headline refers to: "In Your Vision Lies Your Future"

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  • Work
    • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • Attended Cathkin High School and Self Educated