Ashraful Alam

Software Engineer in Bangladesh

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:-).........yet to come lots about me and U too........

Hi everyone, welcome to my galaxy. I do not mean this to be a professional profile. Wonder why most people ignored the name of the site ABOUT ME! This has been used mostly to describe their professional side more and least the ABOUT them side that could tell about their personality indeed.
We have still 100 other sites(e.g.LinkedIn) for our professional touch, right?
Why not use at least this one site for personal inner reflection?

Well, we could write 1000 words good about ourselves, what about those other 1000 bads about us? LOL
Not willing to bore you guys more, so here is ending in few more words.
I am a SIMPLE person and inside me the ugly, bad and good too. A freelance writer and day trader by occupation.

Attention friendly, cordial, jovial guys!!!
Let's get more REAL SOCIAL than being DIGITALLY social through FB,twitter,instagram etc. If you are one of those type, no-digital social, please feel free to write to me.
Have a nice time :)