Ashraful Haque

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Successful and unsuccessful people vary less in their abilities, but more in their desires to reach their potential !


Highly organized and skilled professional with most contemporary knowledges and techniques of Natural Resource Management & Conservation approaches till date. Gathered expertise on breaking down large and complex problems, and managing the associated programs/projects in response to feedbacks.

Spent almost 5 years in the field of resource and environmental management, focus being on understanding the community driven developments, and intending appropriate policy and strategic approaches to bring diverse sustainable services.

Efficiently managed large multi-site and multicultural teams, worked collaboratively with partners, national and international donor agencies, to meet tough deadlines. Achieved strong people management skills, and used to decision-making and working on own initiative.

Specialized on community driven developments approaches, and capable to plan to and facilitate participatory consultations, dialogues involving multi-parties right from grass roots to policy level or decision makers.

Throughout his career he has developed and implemented a number of projects, and some of them are nationally/internationally recognized and also a few of them has pioneered new models in the region.

Over the years, he has recived a number of local and international trainings and participated in a number of multi-party consulations and workshops to be a part of the global networks.

He has worked in different parts of the country including various mainstream and marginal communities right from Grass roots to top. However, mainstraming environmental aspects into holistic development approach was always his philosophy for all kinds of works he has done in his career.