Ashraf Zain

I am an English teacher who dare to take any opportunities that world has to offer including outside my comfort zone. Despite teaching, I have also grown such a huge interest in business marketing as a career making. My focus is mainly on promoting healthy living and lifestyle through health and pharmaceutial products. My initial uptake in business starts with Catalyst Nutraceutical (M). Positioned as a registered dealer for its range of products, Catalyst has given plenty of room for me to enhance my communication skills, promotion and marketing startegy.

Taking no regrets to push further my potential in this field, I have joined Hai-O Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Led by powerful and gorgeous leaders namely CDM Hanis Haizi and DSM Ajue Rashid, they have proven that "knowledge, reference, action" are the main key components in assuring the success of an execution of task. Business opportunity has undeniably given me more TIME freedom and FINANCIAL freedom. Think BIG and dream BIG will lead you to success!