Ashshajuanna Jones

Sacramento, California

I'm a proud single mother who's always loved reading novels. My father encouraged me to step outside of the box and write a couple of books of my own:

"HYDEIA'S DILEMMA" a short story

Enter the world of Hydeia Brooks; a nine year old girl who's mistreated, beaten, and abused by the hands of her druggie mother Karen. Her only escape is surrounding herself with her two best friends Zelil and Marcus, and pretending that she's having an horrible nightmare she'd someday awake from. Hating school because of being teased due to her unsightly wardrobe, she never missed a day seeing that's where she enjoyed most of her meals. As years go by Hydeia becomes a responsible and loving parent to herself. Will she ever forgive her mother for all of the abuse or is she determined to even the score?

"ZELIL'S TRUTH" a novel

Fourteen year old Zelil Williams has been in the dark about her family's history for as long as she can remember. She longs for the man who fathered her, she imagines what he’d be like more times than not. She's determined to find out who her father is, taking no for an answer isn't her strong suit. The man she's in love with isn't who he says he is. The man who’s in love with her is everything a man should be, yet it’s difficult for her to choose between the two. She finds herself caught up in a vicious web of family secrets, deception, lies, rape, and murder. Years fly by quickly and her whole world changes. Will she break under pressure or stand strong like the soldier she is?

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