Ashley Spivey


Hi there my bloggers, I'm Ashley, but you can call me Ash. You'd think an average fifteen year old would be out with her friends and living life before working hard to get in college, but nope. I love to blog, and write, and be an active tumblr. I'm into romance and vampire books, But most importantly, I love fashion. I love chic, I love edgy, I love vintage, you could pretty much say I'm a versatile person. Black is my favorite color, you may think black isn't a color, but look around, your phone might even be black, your nails might be black, so please, hold your opinions. I attend Ledyard High and I can not wait to get out. I'm going to college to become a free lance writing, or in the future to be a publisher. I'm a very understanding person, and just here to share my likes and dislikes on fashion.

  • Work
    • Unemployed until March 2013
  • Education
    • Ledyard High