Ashtabula Judgment Recovery

P.O. Box 61 Ashtabula Ohio 44005

Are you the holder of a judgment? You may not be aware but you have the legal right to assign your judgment to someone else to enforce it for you. If you have not been able to collect this, or other judgments we are interested in discussing the possibility of enforcing the judgment for you.

Our company specializes in the enforcement of delinqent judgment claims. We locate the debtor's assets and size them in order to satisfy judgments. There is no out of pocket expense to you. Our company's fee is based solely on a percentage of what we collect for you.

If you are interested in collecting your money please contect me at or 440-855-5857 to dicuss your case. Your claim has been nothing more than a IOU for so long, you have nothing to lose buy allowing us to enforce it for you.

Turn that worthless piece of paper into Cash!