About The Blogger: Ashton Carrick

Hello peoples, my name is Ashton Carrick and I would like to tell you a little about myself. In my free time I enjoy staring into the abyss and contemplating the direness of the human condition. I’m proficient in two languages: sarcasm and wittiness. I care more about the fictional characters on my TV shows than I do about real people. My talents include insulting people without them realizing it and drinking sweet tea. I hold the strong belief that hoodies are acceptable to wear for any and every occasion and Jimmy Fallon is my spirit animal. My personal mantra is “Haterz gon hate” which I got tattooed in Comic Sans font across my chest a few years ago. Unfortunately, now people just assume I have some type of weird Taylor Swift fetish. I'm a 21-year-old (whoop whoop) undergrad at the Thrill on da Hill (UNC for you non-North Carolinians) and I have this nifty little humor blog that you can check out and follow by clicking that little button with the "W" right below this. Please follow me. I'll buy you cupcakes.