ashton edwards

hi there im ashton edwards am 18 years old and currently waiting to take my test in the royal air force, im very sporty, i love to be active and spend my time doing things i love, i dont like sitting down i prefer to keep busy, i have five brothers, the oldest at the age of 22 and the youngest at the age of 18 months, as far as a job goes no job at the moment due to mooving house so i had to quit my last one sadly, im currently single due to a complicated break up :( my plans are as follows if i dont get into the royal air force i am planning on going into the army so i hope eaither way it all works out so i can do the job of my dreams.

  • Work
    • curruntly a non worker looking for work
  • Education
    • st georges academy ruskington 2007-2012 city college peterborough 2013