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Ashton Carter

Sitting on a beach somewhere in a hammock with nothing but a smoothie in my hand, the gawks of seagulls, and a radio by my side. The flight to the news station for my daily report doesn't leave for another few hours - this is my dream.

A dream is not impossible; everything is possible. That is, if you are one to think so. Born a leader, raised a believer, I know what I am capable of: taking a lasso to the moon and bringing it right down to my possession. I don't really know where I'm going just yet, but I know where I come from, and pure determination sets me on the path to success. I am eighteen years old and I've been set on a learning adventure. The destination is self discovery. Nothing less than tricky and always a lesson to learn from in the making. Isn't that why were here anyway?

Hakuna Matata - live by it.