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Ashton Martin

My name is Ashton and I am a very happy, motivated, and loveable twenty-three year old engaged to the man of my dreams! I attend Oklahoma State University with the intent of graduating in May with a degree in Human Nutrition. I have always been active and obsessed with the concept of health. I played softball, basketball, and volleyball growing up and fell in love with the idea of competition. If you ask anyone who knows me, I'm kind of a "bull shark" as my sisters would say and I love to compete, grow, and learn new things every day, its what keeps life interesting!

Even though I love the idea of health, once I got to Oklahoma State, I let that idea slide and let the unhappy, unhealthy life style set it. I soon realized that my athletic figure started to give way to that of a young college girl who wanted to do nothing but eat out and drink beer. I found myself slowly starting to drift away from the gym and everything I once found so much passion for.

A nutrition major not living a nutritious life, weird right? I would get on a kick to eat healthy and workout everyday every few months or so, but that would soon fade in a few weeks and I was back to drinking beer and eating fast food too often! I would look in the mirror so unhappy with what I saw, wish for things to change, but never took the initiative to actually get it done. I was just like every other "want-to-be-fit" girl who hoped to be fit while eating a cheeseburger.

A couple of weeks ago I found my perfect wedding dress, flash and all! As I walked out of the dressing room, my mother started to cry and my sisters jaws dropped! They loved the dress on me and didn't shy away from expressing that. Though we were all in love with the dress, I couldn't help but think, "I look terrible! Is the REALLY how I'm going to look on my wedding day!?" Now how terrible is that? Finding your perfect wedding dress, but not being able to enjoy it! So that is when I decided things had to change! I decided right then that I was going to STOP being lazy and start doing what I always wished for, to be fit. Not only to have a healthy body, but to have a healthy body image. I want nothing more than to wake up and be happy with what I see in the mirror! Because in order for someone to love me, I first must be able to love myself!

The goal is not to look fit, but to be fit! To not hope other love the way I look, but for me to love the way I look and to be confident in knowing I made