Artist in Wisconsin

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Hey there!! I'm Cady, but you can call me Ash if you're really up to. I'm an "artist" from Wisconsin who really loves Pokémon and other videogames, as well as a little anime. If you're wondering what "9/19/2016" means in my bio if you're hella curious, it's the date me and my girlfriend got together cx if you wanna follow her, her ig is @/serenaketchum !

My main art page is @mscheery16, so this acc is my main PERSONAL, which means I may not accept your follow request. If you'd ever like to contact me, go message me on my art account. I'm a pretty nice person so don't be afraid to say hi!

My main art medium is digital, and I can do a wide variety of works. If you'd ever like to commission me, tell me!

Cya around cx