Ashul Shah

Currently living the suburban life in Western Australia, I claim a triple heritage spanning 3 continents. Our family history is one of adventure and travel into the unknown to establish a better life for the children.

My triple heritage consists of Indian subcontinent (Great grandparents), Africa (grandparents) and now Australia.

I have been lucky enough to study, travel and live across lots of places in the world. I have met as well as been touched by amazing people along the way. I call myself a citizen of the world for I am multi-cultured to the core.

I try and do as much as I can help the cause of Volunteering WA and am striving towards a corporate funded national volunteering database for Australia. Also trying to increase the awareness amongst corporate Australia towards employee engagement through social responsibility.

My tiny little business feeds and clothes me it's called Eduka - it's not big enough to pay the mortgage and school fees so my wife works as an optometrist.

Our kids complain that I am always too kind and give away too much for free, I say because there is an abundance of evil money minded people and very few good people. I have a better chance standing out in the company of them ;-)

I run and drink wine in my spare time.