Ashwini Ragavendar

Ashwini Ragavendar

Hello guys…To put it simply… I am a foodie… A vegetarian foodie (by religion and choice). I love cooking and trying out new stuff. I will try anything vegetarian under the sun. Thankfully so does my hubby! So he’s my partner in crime!! I knew bits and pieces about cooking when I got married. But that was hardly enough to lay a feast fr my hubby and his home(food)sick bachelor friends. I began my culinary journey with just an induction cook top. No mixer or grinder or gas stove!!! Fortunately for me, I had a food angel to guide me. My hubby’s aunt – my adopted mother (I adopted her after my marriage) She taught me all the basic varieties of south indian rasam, sambar, chutney and the stuff my hubby liked as a kid. The rest i owe to google and all the other people who have been kind enough to share their recipes with me. Today I know that I am capable of laying a feast for quite a few people. A far cry from the insecure-close-to-tears-new-wife that I was! I am no one to judge my food but I do know that there are people who like what I cook. I may or may not be a good cook, but I definitely cook with a lot of love. It’s like my food angel said – ‘Anything simple cooked with love tastes way better than any delicious feast devoid of it.’

So I adopted that as my food motto – cooking with love!

This blog is mainly dedicated to my food angel and hubby without whom I probably never would have had the courage to cook beyond the basics. And mainly because they instilled the love for cooking in me!! And to the others who nudged me to go further and experiment and be there to taste the experiments and give their feedback as well.

A big thanks to my food friend and one of my brothers-in-law who pushed me into starting a food blog of my own!