Ashvina Marie Naidu

Senior Marketing Executive in Sentul, Malaysia

Ashvina Marie Naidu

Senior Marketing Executive in Sentul, Malaysia

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Ashvina is a blissful nerd who is much better at working on projects that carry meaning to her than most commercial ventures. But she tries very hard anyway.

At any given moment, she has 35 tabs open on her Internet browser with different articles and photographs, on at least 10 topics (ranging from old zoological prints, to Stephen Fry ranting about something, to documentaries on Malaysian cults, to Harvard Business Review articles, and an Adobe Illustrator tutorial - that's today.)

She works creatively to produce high quality written work, and thoroughly enjoys managing and planning content. Visually, layouts are her passion.
Space, space, space.

She has taught lots of Speech and Drama, and has helped to run student productions since 2010. She was also a public relations writer - working with nutrition, tech and education clients - has worked in a motley collection of places, including a small art gallery. She is an amateur permaculturist, a budding graphic designer and a life-long curator of curiousities.

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Thanks for stopping by, and may the Force be with you.

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    • LL.B (Hons) University of Wales, Aberystwyth