Ashwani Aggarwal

New Delhi, India

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As the founder of Basic Shit, over the last few years I have overseen the design and construction of many prototypes and worked in festivals to provide eco, sustainable toilet solutions (Ziro, and Vasundhara festivals). Our prototypes explore design innovation in the areas: mobile urinals, unisex urinals, culturally specific designs, gendered urinal designs, water conservation, sustainability, natural – nontoxic, odor control, low-maintenance, self-cleaning, and foot-operated designs.

Over the years I have shown a commitment to sanitation and worked in this area with various partners. I was a research associate with Sulabh International with a focus on human-centered design. I designed variations of toilets and toilet accessories.

I have worked on various design and public art projects that creatively promote toilet use and raise awareness. It offers one platform to engage and involve the community, a passion of mine.

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