Ashwini Nagabhushan

Student in Bengaluru, India

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Hello and welcome! I come from a rural background and currently live in Bengaluru. I am on the path of my all time passion of becoming a Challenging & Dynamic Chartered Accountant and presently associated with BRV GOUD & CO., a Chartered Accountant firm as an Article Assistant and also an editor of the Newsletter of our firm on its 50th Year of Anniversary celebrations. Since it is a small firm I feel that I can learn more and get the skills necessary to find a good job and also to be an entrepreneur.

CA student! A woman with Attitude, Passion & Service Minded. An idealist, adventurist, a reciter, part-time penwoman, foodie & cook, cybernaut, runner, a definite multitasker, volunteer at teach for change, cricket freak, fanatic of RAFA and on the path to persue multiple career goals & practice stoicism.. And also I am an easy going person and don't get easily disturbed by down's in my life. I enjoy travelling, watching movies, going out for lunch & having great intellectual conversations.

I dream big. I love the little things in life and never take myself too seriously. Laughing with friends and enjoying with my family, cousins and their kids are two of my favorite things. I just love the idea of living in a joint family.

Apart from succeeding careerwise, I want to become a good speaker, spread education in the rural areas of India, help others in any way I can; I hope to be inspirational to the young and old alike. I strive to educate, motivate, and celebrate each person I get the opportunity to work with.

I have a lot of free time these days(way too much actually) so I do small things to keep me busy. I read fictions, I like to workout, watch cricket, play badminton, listen to music or talk to my friends on the phone.

  • Education
    • B.Com, Fanance, CA Student