Ashwin Vairu

Director & Partner @9series in India

Ashwin Vairu

Director & Partner @9series in India

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"Those who are active are young"


नमस्ते!, Hello!, Bonjour!, Hallo!, Ciao!, Abhoj!, こんにちは!, Χαίρετε!, Olá!, 您好!, Hej!, Здравствуйте!, مرحبا!, Hujambo!, Merhaba!....from Incredible India.

I am a marathon runner, a nature lover and a man from modern world who believes in humanity on top of all religions. My friends are my family and my family is my life.

An analyst with detailed eye observation, a business developer to earn bread and butter for my team and my family, and a believer in social cause to earn mental strength and happiness.

An engineer and entrepreneur with innovative ideas and concepts; believe in transparent business to create win-win situations, a quick decision maker and open net-worker to discuss on constructive stuffs for business and society.

I learned from my past experience that "completion of a task in defined time and expected quality depends on strategy, technologies and environment we create as a team, where team includes everyone & everything involved"

On professional front I have experience on Business Development, Business Strategy, Sales and Presales. I and my team have expertise on developing end to end software for Travel, Hospitality, Education, Banking and eCommerce industries.

Feel free to connect and exchange thoughts.


My thoughts are the great source of my energy...

"Young hearts and constructive minds can bring betterment in the society"

"Risk is an opportunity; take it or drop it"

“Clarity improves Quality and Relationship; reduces Efforts, Cost and Time”

"Strangers are not strange forever, if they communicate"

“Your user experience is your brand; your brand is your asset”

"Leader is server first"

"Leadership is a skill; Management is an art"

"No technology is greater than human; No human is greater than Humanity"

"Contact ≠ Connection!"

"My job is to identify and solve the problems"

"LIFE: only a chance; TIME: an opportunity; LIMIT: can be overcome"

"PAST: to get and forget; PRESENT: to experience and experiment; FUTURE: to kee

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    • Bechelor of Engineering in Information Technology