Ashworths Solicitors


Ashworths are specialist property solicitors based in Wimbledon. From offices in the middle of Wimbledon’s town centre Ashworths prides itself in offering a distinctly modern and professional service to clients with property or property related needs. Harnessing new technology and with a particular emphasis on quality of service and accessibility, Ashworths is the natural choice for those dealing in property. As a firm, Ashworths is young. Its age is reflected in its vibrant approach but is belied by the experience of its case handling and support staff. In fact, the individuals that make up Ashworths have all worked as or for solicitors in the Wimbledon area for many years. At Ashworths Solicitors we are experts in Residential Property with services including statutory lease extension and collective enfranchisementclaims on behalf of both Landlord and Leaseholder, as well as Buyingand Selling Freehold and Leasehold Properties. We are also Experts in Commercial Property With services including acquisition of a bird-park, warehousing and or the smallest developmentsite in London.

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