Ashley Sullivan

Florida, United States

My name is Ashley Sullivan.

I was born January 18,1993, Tucson, Arizona. My passion is to become a model/ actress. In 2005, I audition to become apart of an agency, and they told my parents that I had something in me; my parents main focus was school. Through those years, I would practice acting, I would memorize all the words from the Harry Potter movies/ books. I would imagine myself in the world of acting in one of those movies, I thought it'd be the best adventure.

2008, my grandma Dee Larsen found an modeling school called Sincerely Sandra. I got a certificate from sincerely Sandra. I enjoyed the classes a lot. My favorite memory from Sincerely Sandra, was the freeze modeling, whoever was the last one of the stage won, I was the last one on the stage. I also enjoyed the runway fashion show that we did at the end of the classes.

All the way through to 2009, I was a dancer. I danced Ballet/ Lyrical, Jazz/ Hip-Hop, Clogging, I also competed with my dance team, against other dance teams across Arizona! We did bring home a trophy!

2011 I was stopped in the mall by these beautiful girls recruiting for Barbizon, at the Chandler Fashion Square Mall. I believe a couple months after I signed up, I got a call from the agency, and they told me over the phone that they want me to come in for an addition. When I came in for the audition I was nervous, and then I met TyRell G. I remember she told the I looked like a baby doll. During that time, I got an email from the agency to audition from The IMTA cruise, and I audtioned in front of Laura Gentry; I still had some things I had to work on, but that was okay, I was trying out just for fun. I graduated from Barizon, built my portfolio, signed with Barbizon South-West Talent Agency. I auditioned for IMTA New York 2013, and found out that I was able to go too NEW YORK CITY! I meet up with TyRell and Laura about New York, I also had to rush up to Tucson, because I was going to be an extra in a commercial called, Arizona Safe Bar Alliance Commercial; that was so much fun.Later I auditioned for David John Huber for his Make-A-Wish Foundation. I got to go forwards with the fashion show.

During IMTA New York 2013, I competed for Make-Up, Fashion Print, On Camera Host, T.V. Beauty, and Runway Fashion Show with my class. I got three call backs, and two awards for memorable mentioned for Fashion Print, and Make-Up.

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    • Retail
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    • Canyon Valley High School