Ashy Dollxx

Welcome to Planet Ashy, where creativity captivates you with its glittery bits, fabulosity clothes you with glamorous colors and textures, and spirituality takes you on an enthralling journey where you will find beauty in simplicity and satisfaction, and love for your Creator. Sometimes in the spotlight, Sometimes behind the scenes. Most certainly, a drama queen. Meet ME. A student of deen who started off as a bratty, rebellious teenager, and grew into a girl who people say “It seems like Allah took your hand and guided you towards him”. I learnt to strike a balance between my passion for fashion, design, creativity and photography, and my love for Allah, still doing what I love, BUT in a way that makes Him happy. Motivating and guiding others to this beautiful path is one of my favorite things, and teaching others how to make dua from your heart, how to avoid sin and develop a deep and intense love for Allah, how the Qur’an can be your best friend, how to keep a consistent routine of reciting durood and adhkaar daily, how salah can be your ‘happy place’ when everything just doesn’t seem right, how to wear hijab the right way, and share with others the beauty of this journey through Allah’s love. I'm a crafting addict and I love painting, scrapbooking and organizing. I am also becoming more and more intrested in fitness routines. I am an all-organic girl and after experiencing the horrors of stopping cortisones and steroids in the hope of healing my eczema naturally, I am now a lot more concious of products that I use and i try to maintain and promote natural living and medicine. I love the thrill of working with different fabrics and textures and putting together fashion pieces that are fun and unique. I also love travelling, tasting new foods, and experiencing different cultures and ways of life, while motivating others and sprinkling my pink happy dust everywhere! :)

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