Advance Navigation And Solar Technologies

We Advance Navigation And Solar Technologies Private Limited, are a leading Manufacture & Exporter of Navigation Aids Equipments like Sun Tracker, Solar Lights, Solar Street Lights, Aviation Lights, Rotating Beacon, Navigation Lights, Leading Lights, Flashers and Lamp changers, Remote Monitoring System etc.

NAVIGATION AIDS DIVISION: Started in 1974 in New Delhi by Mr. H.S. Grewal and thereafter the Company started manufacturing full range of Navigation Aids Equipment to become the pioneer in this field in India. The company had a Technical collaboration with pharos marine Ltd. (U.K) from 1974 to 1986. After that the Company has been operating independently. Over the years the company not only made India self-sufficient in the Navigational Aids field but also has been exporting the equipment to other countries in the world.

SOLAR POWER DIVISION: The company has taken advantage of the technology developed for Navigation aids and the same high technology has been applied for the development of ECO-Friendly and very efficient Solar power supply systems for homes, offices, factories, grid feeding and solar street lights, all with newly developed Suntracker Technology which collects 35% extra power from the Sun.