Blepharoplasty Singapore

Asian Blepharoplasty
Plastic surgery on the eyelids can make a swollen eye, a pocket or a tired look younger and more radiant look. For example, the eye looks swollen could be improved by removing fat around the eyes, in the eyes of the pocket, plastic surgery to remove excess skin that looks more toned (this process is known as incisional double eyelid surgery). For lower eyelid, plastic surgery can also improve.

Even the owners of small eyes, plastic surgery can be formed depressions on the eyelid makes the eyes look bigger like the west. Very varied indeed, some require cutting some leather, some require the adoption of fatty tissue around the eyes, and even only small parts require intervention to move the eyelid muscles to pull the eyelid down.

Creation of Eyelid Crease
Therefore, doctors plastic surgeons will be individually planned action procedures in private to each individual patient. In addition, a plastic surgeon may also involve physicians from other disciplines related to the organ to be intervened, in these case members of the eye doctor or dermatologist. Short time operation procedure should not be done on a large hospital; a physician practice can also be one option. You do not have to stay, the operation can be done in about 30 to 90 minutes. The main goal of this procedure is to make your eyelid crease more visible so your eyes will look bigger and it can improve your appearance. In that case you will need a revision eyelid surgery to remove scar left.

Anesthesia procedure usually performed with general anesthesia or the local anesthesia but already has implemented. Your eyes do not even need eyelid tape just suggested by the surgeon your eyes between 1 to 3 days later. The doctor will prescribe pain medication so that you will feel comfortable. Shall be released only stitches within 2-4 days. You do not even need a long time absent from your life style. It only takes approximately one week, you'll be back home.