Laurence Smith

Chief Talent & Learning Officer. Catalyst of Digital Mindset & startup mentor. Developer of global leaders & globalisation. Passionate about the future of work.

I run effective efficient Talent & Learning organisations and have done so in companies operating in 118 countries with a matrix team of ~350 running corporate universities across 8 regions, where the two main corporate universities in Korea, slept 600 people.

I EXCEL at helping organisations find their Purpose, aligning a leadership team around a massive transformative purpose, energising the culture & leading into the future.

I EXCEL at understanding critical external trends & leading edge thinking, getting executive sponsorship & developing future ready digital leaders to innovate at startup speed.

I EXCEL at crossing boundaries & driving new value-adding collaboration between HR, Innovation, Human Centered Design, Digital Bank & the business units & countries.

I am INTRIGUED by whether the fastest growing nations in Asia, can jump the curve of development? Cross the chasm, leap stages of development? Can they take short cuts, not dead ends?

I am INTRIGUED by whether Japanese, Korean & Chinese firms can ever truly successfully globalise? Offering employee value propositions for local employees of all nationalities, not just their own - & develop leadership styles that attract & retain the best from around the world.

I am INTRIGUED by whether traditional, family owned, hierarchical Asian conglomerates can take the next competitive step in freeing the inherent creativity & enthusiasm of their employees?

This has been my passion for ~25 years.