Shah Md Asif Mahmud,CSCM


To secure a position with a company/ firm where I can utilize my skills and continue to study and grow within the organization. Be an honest, sincere and professional.

Sr. Executive, Procurement at Edison Group
June 2011 - Present
Vendor Sourcing, Development, Enlistment & Product Sourcing, Selecting and negotiating with vendors
Collect quotation & make comparison summery; Prepare PO
Monitor the lead time/present status against PO & arrange to receive goods & works
Check product quality (QC)
Vendor visit/Audit, arrange spot purchase.
Visit Target market compare product quality, price and service
Assist planning local budgets.
Conduct and process all L/C opening activities, C&F activities, documentation and clearance.

Executive, Supply Chain at Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd
September 2009 - May 2011
*Foreign Procurement Activities:
To assist Prepare Company's Import Plan.
Conduct Sourcing, Selecting and negotiating the best Import package in the terms of quality, price, service,
Deliveries and TOR with suppliers
To collect appropriate quotations, review and comparative statements to make the Import cost effective.
To keep follow up on import documents, shipments and ensure on time delivery.
To conduct and process all L/C opening activities, C&F activities, ICD and Air operation, documentation and clearance.
To maintain liaison and negotiation line with C&F, Shipping Line, Fright Forwarder & customs official
To follow up with the consignments
To assist negotiate with shipping Line & Fright Forwarder.
To handle Port & Customs Operation effectively
To maintain ERP system
To maintain update list of product wise outstanding vendor’s bills
To generate Monthly Import statement & updated
To be update on all import procedure related to IT, Telecom, Power & Solution Industry.
*Local Procurement Activities:
Prepare the PO/WO’s to be issued/placed to the concerned suppliers.
To coordinate store on receiving status of supplied items.
To follow up conform the suppliers would have been received properly at the client site.

Supervisor, Spotlight Event Management
September 2007 - September 2009
Coordinate and Execute Activatio