Asif Amin Tibet Baqual

Writer, Editor, and Artist in Jammu and Kashmir,

Asif Amin Tibet Baqual

Writer, Editor, and Artist in Jammu and Kashmir,

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You followed your nose into this waffle looking for me.

Accept it, you curious bloke. Otherwise you wouldn't have bothered yourself with reading this tosh. And I get told that people don’t read any more.

Yes, they don’t, if the writing lulls them to sleep. Hope you are still awake! Ding! Dong!

You should be. Because when I’m on the job I make sure that you, my dear reader, keep your eyes popped out while I enchant you with an eclectic spread of prose and occasional poetry.

Get the drift.

I am, Asif Amin Tibet Baqual. A Kashmiri by birth. An advertising writer by profession. And a shepherd by choice.

What next?

My education! Hang on. Do you need a college degree for writing? You don’t. Ask Papa Hemingway.

Well, it was in vogue those days to acquire fancy Mass Communication & Multimedia degrees, so I got a couple of ’em tucked up somewhere in the closet like a pair of bell-bottoms but could hardly find any use for them now.

However, going through the grind at the school of hard knocks came very handy, for the friction polished my skills and broadened my mind, if not my derriere.

Oh no! I’ve been staving off this question like I avert clichés and sexually challenged perverts. Anyway, I hear you ask me: Why writing?

Let me put it this way. Since I can’t practice the world’s oldest profession, I settled for the second oldest, though it rose directly out of the needs of the oldest.

Currently, I’m busy tending to my sheep and crafting pieces and posts like you just finished lapping up.



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