André Silva

Lisboa, Portugal

My life's motivation is to experience life itself in the best way i can. I think we have to be able and be prepared to embrace all kind of situations and get the best of it.

Travelling is one of my passions, and it is where i get my inspirations. In addition to this, meeting people is another part of the process, while travelling. What it is more exciting while travelling is the fact that you change ideas, thoughts, concepts, different lifestyles, behaviors, and above all, sharing pure knowledge.

I have always intended to work and share my passion with experts in the world of communications. Ingredients such as motivation, perfectionism, flexibility, strategic thinking and energy are part of my professional DNA. And that is the main reason why i do not see me working in any other area, beside advertising, marketing and communications. They work as disciplines to know the world and the people around you.

Beside my passions, i like photography and i am a bodyboarder.

That's it.


  • Education
    • BSc in Marketing and Advertising
    • Post Graduation in Marketing and Advertising