Abbye Silverstein

Fort Collins, CO

I'm an ex- New Yorker who has lived in CA, TX, OH, MD, FL and my last stop (as far as I know now) is CO. I love living in Co; the natural beauty is awesome.

My passion is practicing and training others in 5 Element Acupuncture. I practice an integrated system of acupuncture treating the body, mind and spirit. As my mentor, Dianne Connolly wrote, "All sickness is home sickness". We are all consciously and unconsciously searching to be whole within ourselves, to be at home within. As an acupuncturist/healer, I am a guide and coach in this process.

For the last 10 years, I have been training and supervising acupuncture students in 5 Element Acupuncture. This Fall, I will present a 5 part webinar series on "Secrets of Five Element Acupuncture" thru Blue Poppy Enterprises. I am very excited about sharing this wholistic system of practicing acupuncture to a large audience. The dominant school of acupuncture in the US is TCM , a physical symptom based approach that many time mimics western medicine. Patients want a wholistic approach to relieve their physical, mental and spiritual pain. The 5 Element system provides this by treating each individual's constitutional type. as well the physical symptoms related to their dis-ease.

My future career plans are to publish my book and be a speaker on the lecture circuit for acupuncture and health. Acupuncture has name recognition but not mainstream acceptance. I want to bring mainstream acceptance to the public by educating them on how, when and why to choose acupuncture as a healing modality first not a last resort! We all need to take responsiblity for our physical, mental and spiritual health.

With much love,


  • Work
    • Private Practice, Fort Collins, CO
  • Education
    • Masters of Acupuncture, Traditional Acupunture Institute, 1999
    • BA in Psychology, City College of NY, 1980