Asima Sadia

I enjoy doing research, having knowledge, creating literary stuff, writing blogs, reading books & knowing how to manage and organise, what's arising and what's the solution.

Businesses or personal life, it's all to deal with What's Coming Next to you. If today is the start, tomorrow is to get global, you have to organize and plan for the future. If you don't; tomorrow will be a surprise for you; leaving you with dealings at the 11th hour.

I focus future most of the time instead of leaving myself at future's mercy. Pre-planning and pre-organisation keeps you determined towards your goal, when each step taken by you becomes next achievement. Taking part in communications, which does not lead to any solution does not interest me, it's simply doing; what everyone else does.

Life is there to utilize your energies positively; leading with a "can do" attitude settling the matters.

The future is yours if you don't get lost in the maze of just finding the problems. Get knowledge, organise, get it settled and move on ... That's life...

Give Life Your Best Efforts & Then Leave the Results on Allah, the Almighty!