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Asim Hafeez

Karachi, Pakistan

I am an independent, self-taught photojournalist and documentary photographer. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, since my early childhood I started working for a small old photo-studio in my neighbourhood learning B/W film processing. Later I joined local advertising agencies, covering fashion, commercial and product photography, and following step into the freelance world.
“Those who know not about themselves write stories”
For now I am a freelance photojournalist. I don’t do it to boast my expertise but to please my inner soul. As a person I want to achieve a rank amongst the best of photojournalist. Living at the edge and reaching the core of the problem. I do not provide solutions with my photographs; I just want to capture the real unadulterated picture of the world as I see it through my lens. The sense of responsibility I have gained during my experiences with people around me has been a picturesque journey. Doing photography is a passion and along with it I keep my soul satisfied through the lens as a way to educate people on what is the condition around them and by giving exposure to those areas that are yet to be discovered.
I have worked for local and international newspapers, magazines, NGO’s and stock agencies around the world. My photography covers the ranges of international politics, humanitarian issues, socio-political issues and environmental works.
I took part to the group exhibition Where Three Dreams Cross: 150 Years of Photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh at Whitechapel Gallery London in 2010.